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Salinas Grandes-Guayatayoc



136,000 Ha

Goldinka Project Minas “Kaias” is located in the basin of Salinas Grandes-Guayatayoc, bordering Lithium-S / Dajin projects. Goldinka Energy owns 100 % of an area of 136,000 ha in the catchment area of North Guayatayoc. From the preliminary interpretation of 2 D seismic lines in the area , conducted for the study of gas and oil in the 90’s it was established the presence of a sedimentary pile ( potential paleolake ) , with the presence of cell in the Goldinka Energy area, which has a considerable thickness , potential and clastic sediments saline, embedded in brines containing B - K - Li . Correlated Tertiary - Quaternary rocks.

South of the area controlled by Goldinka Energy is the Li-K Project Dajin Resources Corp (now Lithium S). Given the size of the area controlled by Goldinka Energy, and the geological conditions shows the same, this would be one of the prospects of world-class to develop for B-K- Li.

The seismic WE is entirely within the area controlled by Goldinka Energy and the same is observed the presence of two sedimentary basins and stacking the same in the presence of a possible fault that separates central intrusive.

From the results obtained in a partial and preliminary surface samples made in duplicate in two areas of sampling and a sample taken from a well dug to 12 meters, we demonstrate the existence of B-K-Li in the project area and its potential relation to the presence of saline paleo lake. It is hoped the presence of deep brine aquifers enriched in these elements. This requires the reinterpretation of seismic lines and the subsequent deep drilling in search of brackish aquifers. One of the key benefits of this project is the existence of a large volume of recharge water and continuous supply to the basin of elements such as B-K-Li.

Source: Dajin.

Salinas Grandes/Guayatayoc salt lakes basin is contained in a closed basin that is fault bonded to the west forming a Tertiary age sedimentary basin. Dajin has completed an interpretation of seismic data covering part of its acquisitions and has identified a series of salt horizons that are very prospective for brines rich in lithium, boron and potash. Based on seismic interpretations the basin may be as much as 800 metres thick and contain additional salt layers, below and adjacent to the current salt beds, which are believed to have been deposited during earlier climatic maxima. The older salt beds are similar in thickness to the current salt deposits in that seismic profiles indicate the salt beds may be as much as 150 to 200 metres thick. The potential exists for the older brines that flood the sedimentary/structural basins to contain substantially greater concentrations of lithium and potassium than the current near surface brines due to the more extreme climatic conditions extant during earlier climatic maxima when these older salt deposits were precipitated. Anomalously high lithium concentrations, up to 1,600 ppm, in near surface brines present in specific regions of Salinas Grandes salt lake are believed to be due to recharge of the salt lake by seepage of paleo salars along faults bounding the sedimentary/structural basins. Additional advantages to a production plan based on the brine flooded sediments anticipated in the sedimentary/structural basins is that the specific yield of lithium in brine from the clastic sediments is not expected to be restricted by either low permeability due to re - crystallising salt or brine dilution during periodic flooding of Salinas Grandes by fresh water. 


The sector corresponding to the middle and lower reaches of the Miraflores river, especially the area of ​​the Northern Guayatayoc plain, presents a large Hydrological resource, product of the geological design of deep sedimentary basins. The perforations in the area lit aquifers up to 400 meters deep. Being the initial potential of the resource.




La Rioja

Near La Laguna Brava





3,500 Ha

Goldinka project “La Mula, La Verde, La Vela” is located near to Laguna Brava where mining exploration works have been carried out in the area by several Companies.



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