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Born and national of Argentina, 1950 COLLEGE DEGREE, - ATTORNEY - title awarded by the University of Salvador - Year 1972. UNDERTAKEN STUDIES, - Secondary: Baccalaureate (Cardenal Copello College). - University: Lawyer. He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Salvador. Graduate: Special Studies at the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences of the National University of Buenos Aires, "lawyer specializing in Administrative Law and Public Administration." -1977 / 1978. - Graduate: Environmental Law - Yale University -Y- 1996. Prof. Bradford S. Gentry. - Languages: English: Argentine Cultural Institute of English Language .-1962/1966, Argentine American Cultural Institute. -1988 / 1991, Argentine representative at the World Conference on Hazardous Waste. Conference Mondiale sur les Dechets Dangereux (Budapest - Hongrie). -25/31 October 1987. - Fifth Annual Convention Bar-Association. San Francisco. USA. -2/5 May 1995, BUSINESS ACTIVITY AND CONSULTING, Former Director of the following companies:, - Clean 2001 Group S.A. - Well Company S.A. - Control and Security S.A. Former Trustee:, - Marvaso S.A.C.I.F. (Oils Maroleo). Current Legal Counsel - Receiver and Consultant:, - COHEN GROUP brokerage. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION, - Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires. -Asesor 1988/1989 directory. - Advisory Cabinet Minister of Defense. -Secretariat Of military affairs 1992/1993, - Ministry of Economy and Public Works and Services Legal -Secretariat coordination, technical and administratively -Area regulators-entities. Advisor to the General Coordinator. -1994 / 1995-specific professional work in "Telephone Rate Rebalancing" contract with NERA Economic Consulting & Nera Networks Bergen NORWAY. Professional activity. Liberal exercise of the profession. - Co-Owner of the Law Firm Valdez-Vitale & Asociados (1972-1980). - Co-Owner of the Law Firm Behal -Vitale & Asociados (1981-1989). - Holder Vitale & Associates law firm (1990 to date). - Performance in the Federal Jurisdiction and Federal Administrative Litigation. - Performance in the Contentious Administrative Jurisdiction of the Province of Buenos Aires. - Performance by the Supreme Court of Justice. - Intervention in State enterprises and corporations. - Special Counsel and Advisory Group COHEN (2005 to date). Lawyer and Consultant of the following companies and / or projects, - Great Lakes Dock & Contracting Corporation Dodges. Building a consortium with ECOMAD Port Construction work on the Channel Emilio Mitre-. - Societe Anonyme Compagnie Generale de Geophysique (1 Rue Leon Migaux - 91301 Massy - France). Exploration -Contracts held and managed with YPF State-Society. - Consortium Lahmeyer Rhenag and Associates. -Project Operative improvement for Sanitary Works of the Nation - IBRD 2641-AR. - Macdonald Wagner Engineers Managers. (Level 29 Northpoint Building - 100 Miller Street - notrh Sydney - Australia) -Project National Board of grains-. - Fledic Engineering Ltd. (590 - 1155 West Georgia St. Vancouver, Canada). -Project Pulp Paper, Chubut Province. - Castalia - Societa Italiana per l'Ambiente SPA (Viale Bruno Buozzi 102/107 - 00197 - Rome, Italy). -Project Management Water-Sanitary of the cities of Viedma and Carmen de Patagones-. - Sabroe Tupiniquim - Termoindustrial Ltda (Rua Norway 99 - 89206-600 Joinville SC - Brazil).. Works -Project COPAN - Mar del Plata. - Ambulatory S.P.A. (Via Solferino 7 - Milan - Italy). -work Puente Posadas / Incarnation. - Cliba S.A. -Project Waste Collection for the City of Buenos Aires. - Mellor Goodwin Facilities Corporation, Mellor Goodwin Lumus SA and SA of Spain vs. Fiscal Oilfields Company state. -Consultant -Arbitraje By before the Arbitration Chamber of Paris-Chamber of Commerce. - Citrus Trade Famailla corporation. -Project Plant Province of Tucuman Citrus Juices and Expansion Project Packing-. MACRI-SOCMA Group. - Hormigones Martinez SA. Synthetic Iron Oxides Southeast S.A. (03340 - Albaterra - Alicante - Spain). - Valley Road Routes Public Works. -Project Public works concession Corridor No. 14 (Group N ° XI) National Road Network, National Route No. 19, National Road section Junction No. 11 Santo Tomé (0.00 km) - Rio Primero (280.20 km) . - Dipl.-Ing. Egon Engelbrecht, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Engelbrecht Group (Kuppermühle 1-2071 Hamfelde / Hamburg). -Project International Bridge over the Rio de la Plata from Buenos Aires, Argentina and Cologne -Uruguay-. - Grupo Vega Sopave O.A.S. (BA) - Av Angelica, 2029 -. 2nd and 3rd Andares - Consolacao - Sao Paulo - SP. (-Collection Project Urban Hygiene, Cleaning and Waste Disposal in the Municipality of Avellaneda). - Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, SA, FCC Medio Ambiente SA, Empresa Constructora Delta SA, Victor M. Contreras y Cia. and Hormicor S.A. Concession Urban Hygiene Service in the city of Cordoba. - Engevix Engenharia S.A .; Consult COWI Consulting Engineers S.A .; Inconas Professional Engineering Services SRL Environmental Management Plan and Management of the Matanza-Riachuelo Basin. Representations, - Foster Wheeler Environmental Corporation. Livingston - Lyndhurst, New Jersey - USA. Studies and Research. Advice on Regulations and Legislation. Environmental engineering. And Waste Management. [Work and Development Study, Local Management, and Association on Water Sanitation Project of the Matanza - Riachuelo, for Procurement System at Risk - 1994/1996]. - Company "VO TECHNOSTROYEXPORT" belonging to the Russian Federation. Representation at the Federal Government Contract No. 86-028 / 00800, signed between the Former Soviet Union (-today Russian- Federation) and Argentina. Legal and Consulting -VO Technostroyexport- advice, dredging and Complementary Works Ports of Bahia Blanca and Necochea-Quequén. [Year 2012-2015]. Former Research Associates, - RPM -Relation Presse Conseil, ralations Publiques, Mécénat Sponsoring, Edition- (15, rue Greuze 75116 Paris - France). - Lane & Mittendorf (919 - 18th Street, NW Washington, DC 20006) (99 Park Avenue New York, New York 10016). Modernization Project and Strengthening of regulatory bodies to the Post Privatization. Participation and activity in the following institutions:, - Member of the Institute of Administrative Law Bar Association of the Federal Capital. - Full Member No. 552 of the Argentina Association of Administrative Law. - Representative in Argentina of the Association Internationale de Medecine et de Biologie de L'Enveroment. (President Docteur Richard Abbou). - Ex-Member of the Rotary Club of Villa Luro.


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