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Alexander Yakovlev, 64 years, has profound knowledge and experience in the sphere of international economical and political relations. For more than 20 years’ currier in the Ministry of foreign economic relations of the USSR/ Russian Federation, including the positions of deputy director of the Main administration of the Ministry, deputy trade representative of the USSR in Denmark and Acting Trade representative of the USSR in the USA, Mr. Yakovlev has been taking direct part in the organization and currying out of intergovernmental and business negotiations, multilateral working groups, commissions and committees of different orientations. After leaving the governmental  service he  has been working on   the leading and expert positions in the banking sector, including Alfa-bank, the leading privately owned bank of Russia, in  commercial structures with the participation of Moscow oblast administration; has been working as an adviser to the President of Group of the companies  Optima  - one of the leaders of the Russian market of information technologies and as an adviser to the President of Ural mining and metallurgical company (one of biggest private mining company of the country). Mr. Yakovlev is a counsellor to the President of the North-Western International cleaner production centre (UNIDO, St.-Petersburg).   Mr. Yakovlev has deep knowledge in the organization of the work with the regional official authorities and commercial structures. Mr. Yakovlev has been graduated from the legal faculty of Moscow University (Russian civil and international private law), The All Union Academy of Foreign Trade (international economic relations). Mr. Yakovlev has PhD. decree in law. Fluently speaks English and French languages.


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