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Goldinka Energy has acquired the full legal title of tenements measuring 152,000 hectares of salars and adjacent territories within the Lithium triangle of South América, in Argentina. here mining is protected. Legal and Tax rules applicable to each venture have a 30 years guaranteed stability. Major world size Corporations are fully operative in the Provinces where we are based. Our salars are accessible and, most important, they all have sweet WATER, in the adequate magnitude, which is compulsory for the EXTRACTION process.

​The phases of the development of the several salars and adjacent territories are:

  • Prospection (to determine the areas of specific interest within the 152,000 ha)

  • Exploration (to determine the reserves following NI43101 and JORC protocols)

  • Extraction (to extract lithium rich brines and send it to the evaporation ponds)

  • Exploitation

  • Area Measurements

  • Environmental impact assessment Degree II and III (Exploration and Exploitation)

  • Timing is circa 6 to 12 months to obtain the permissions

The mineral extracted is divided in Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Boron, and Lithium. All these products are highly demanded and they have a world market and stable prices. In order to obtain the final product we target to establish a mega factory in Argentina, in a strategic location equidistant from the several salars. We have the support of the local Authorities as a number of Tax Allowances and Soft finance sources, etc., There are 2 key factors here: One is the EXTRACTION methodology, the other is the INDUSTRIAL process to obtain the final product (there are several well-known proven technologies for this). Timing is 2 years to implement the full industrial process.

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