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Consultant in Process Engineering, Lithium and Potassium specialist.


Marcelo is a Magister (E) in Mineral Processing by University of Antofagasta; Diploma in Administration by University Adolfo Ibanez; Chemical Civil Engineer by University  Católica del Norte. Marcelo has 15 years of experience in leadership of Process Engineering Teams in expansion projects and new ones in mining companies in Chile, Argentina and Bolivia; Experience in research and development of processes of Potassium, Sulphate, Lithium Carbonate; In operational solutions, development of process engineering (research, data analysis, process control, design of bench tests and pilot). Marcelo is an engineering consultant in mineral processing • Advice to FMC Lithium in the process of salt harvesting and construction of solar evaporation pools. Consultant of GHD Engineering for the 3Q project of NeoLithium in Catamarca • Consultancy in process engineering in the production of SOP for Salt Lake Potash in Australia • Consultant of Advisian Canada for the GrowMax project • Engineering Consultancy for Galaxy Lithium in Salar del Hombre Muerto • Sales of Jujuy, Argentina • Rockwood Lithium (Chile) • Minera del Altiplano FMC in Salar del Hombre Muerto • Authievre CRC, Chile-Canada. GNRE of Bolivia that operate in the salt flats of Uyuni and Coipasa, Comibol-GNRE in Salar de Uyuni • LITHIUM AMERICAS, Argentina-Canada. Process Engineering Manager In charge of the Process Engineering area of ​​Project Management for the development for Mitsubishi Chem. Development of the process for the basic engineering that was used for the evaluation of financing in feasibility report according to the Canadian norm Nl 43-101. Design and start-up of the pilot plant to carry out project engineering for solid-liquid separation tests, achieving the reduction of reagent consumption in the project and the investment cost by 20%. Head of Process Area, Development and construction of mathematical model for simulation of the process of obtaining lithium carbonate by gPROMS. Design of bench and pilot tests to define the stages of brine concentration and those of Mg depletion in 99% efficiency • SQM S.A., CHILE, World leader producer of Specialty Fertilizers, Iodine and Lithium. Chief of Process Engineer, Process Engineering in Project Management to successfully achieve the expansion of potassium plants in all stages. Design the process to increase production from 750,000 to 1 million tons / year of KCI (MOP), with a recovery of more than 90% of the fluids, change of flotation technology and increase of yield. Design the process that allowed the SOP plant to operate in a dual way, giving the company flexibility to produce Potassium Chloride or Potassium Sulphate in the same plant. Implementation of the METSIM process simulator in the engineering area. Research Engineer, Process Engineer and Operations Supervisor. Implementation of gPROMS process simulator in the areas of solar evaporation operations. Development of new production processes to increase production of lithium brine. Optimization of the carnalite leaching process by designing experiments and statistics, which achieved an increase in the global production of potassium chloride. Modification of the brine concentration process to achieve an increase in production of 20,000 to 40,000 tons per year of Lithium Carbonate over a 2-year period • LINE OF WORK AND SKILLS: Problem description, Data Analysis, Statistics and Applied Research. Ability to explain complex problems to solve them in simple steps. Specialist in processing brines for the production of fertilizers (MOP, SOP, Epsomite), Lithium Carbonate among others. SOFTWARE AND LANGUAGES: Management of process simulation software: METSIM, PSE gPROMS, HSC (user). Marcelo speaks English and Spanish.

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