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The technology has proven to be effective for over 20 years in the Salars of la Puna de Atacama by SQM Lithium-Potash giant.

SQM is using the same technology in Argentina. Brine extraction, solar evaporation ponds onsite, and processing plant system is applied in this technology.

Several former SQM chemical Engineers and technicians, with many years of successful experience in the production of Lithium Carbonate Battery Grade are now consulting for GOLDiNKA Energy.


German base K-UTEC AG, Salt Technologies has been selected as the Industrial Phase consultant.

K-UTEC has tested its technology in the Argentinian Salars with successful results.

Their technology can be checked in an already existing fully operational demo plant


Initial yearly production

is targeted to be:

13,000 tons of Lithium Carbonate Battery Grade 99,8%

48,000 tons of Potash

3,800 tons of Borax

750,000 tons of Sodium Chloride 


Lithium Carbonate Battery Grade production will be upgraded to 25,000 yearly tons, as byproducts production will do proportionally.

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