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Nationality: Argentina.

Born in 1952. Secondary education: Mechanical Technician. Tertiary: Fourth Year of Medicine. Personal training: General work on blacksmithing, industrial plant designs, assemblies and disassemblies, general knowledge in industrial electrical installations, research on wind energy generation, design, and construction of hydrogen generation cells. Founder of 3 mining companies: Emisa S.A. (Project for the exploitation of iron oxides and obtaining oxides for pigments), Empresa Minera "La Puna S.A.", with the design, construction, and assembly of a Processing Plant to obtain anhydrous sodium sulfate. Grupo Cesan S.A., a project for the exploitation and processing of copper ore, c / silver, gold, cobalt, molybdenum. Developments of farms, tobacco, vegetables, grains, and citrus. Works carried out: Responsible for the general preventive maintenance of a Cement Industry, Head of the Division of the Legal Department of the Chamber of Deputies of the province of Salta, Vice-president of the Deliberative Council of the municipality of Gral. Guemes, Salta - President of the commission of the Treasury and Secretary of the Government of the same municipality.

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