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Goldinka is a Resource Company. 
It was incorporated, in Argentina, in 2015.

All tenements are registered in the Mining Registry. Mining rights have been granted by the Argentine Government. Works for prospection and extraction are permitted according to standard procedures set in the mining law.

L I T H I U M   R E S O U R C E S




Our strategy is an emotional process that fits within the new paradigms of the 21st century. This is to ensure a renewable exploitation. To this end we have considered it appropriate to have several salars distributed with distances between lagoons. Thus, climatic, seismic or volcanic contingent factors cannot modify the final extractive volume for the buyer. Lithium (Li) is the new opportunity that nature gives us to rectify the mistakes of the past. It is to revive the dream of Nikola Tesla: Free energy. Goldinka Energy has lithium reserves strategically distributed within the Lithium Triangle. Salars are real treasures that nature gives us, is the result of the action of millions of years. Salars represent the perfect balance of eco-sustainability because each year they are renewed in a natural way. It is for this reason that our commitment to the environment is to use fully sustainable extraction methods, "ie" not to extract more than nature replaces in a balanced way. Together our will is oriented to respect and to work with the native people. Accompanying the wishes and dreams of the native indigenous populations.

We, as Goldinka, are environment defenders. We avoid processes that may be invasive or environmental damaging. We are determined to leave a positive footprint on environment. We are also sensitive to the real needs of indigenous populations affected by our presence in the several areas. We pay a lot of care to the human side of our activities. We work on long terms sustainable business models. We are in this business to help electric powered transportation to be viable as soon as possible, replacing energy from fosiles. This is our ultimate motivation.

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